Ingenium Composites & Elastomers, LLC

Ingenium Composites & Elastomers, LLC (ICE) is a Houston-based company, and provides full, turn-key engineering, fabrication and installation of its product lines listed below. The owners and senior management of ICE include well respected professional engineers and industry experts.  ICE, under the leadership of its management, assembled a knowledgeable and highly motivated team and created industry alliances to service ICE’s customers and provide creative solutions to meet their needs.  All engineering design of the ICE product lines is managed by some of the most experienced professional engineers in the industry.  The ICE core product lines include fiberglass structural systems, rubber/urethane products, VIV suppression products, including, but not limited to the following:

  • Fiberglass Structures—platforms, ladders, stairs, beams, columns, handrails, etc.
  • Fiberglass Grating Systems—both molded and pultruded gratings, especially wavezone grating systems. ICE provides a “washout warranty” wherein we state, that if a panel of grating is washed away due to wave action, ICE will replace the grating at no cost to the customer.  ICE wavezone attachment system is the ICE Claw System – an all-316 SS system designed to resist hurricane/typhoon waves.
  • Fiberglass Mudmat Systems for fixed offshore platforms and subsea infield structures—both Standard Duty & Heavy Duty.
  • Vortex-Induced-Vibration (VIV) Suppression Products—vortex strakes & fairings for TLP tendons, steel catenary risers, pipeline free-spans—both topside installed and ROV installed for post installation.
  • Rubber & Urethane Products—Port Fenders, Energy Cells, Barge Bumpers, Urethane and Rubber Rubstrips for offshore fixed platforms and Custom Rubber & Urethane Products for industrial and infrastructure applications.
  • Fiberglass Electrically Non-Conductive Fencing—for electrical substations, airports, etc.
  • Fiberglass Gratings and Structural Systems for waste-water treatment plants and other onshore industrial applications.