Gulf of Mexico and Latin America
Williams Energy Galveston A-244 Installed

ICE founders and the team they assembled started their fiberglass industry careers beginning in the 1980s and 1990s where they established an outstanding history with the Gulf of Mexico and Latin American regions. Through the supply of FRP structures and systems, dock-fenders, barge bumpers, and VIV-suppression products, the ICE team has provided the Gulf of Mexico with innovative solutions to overcome the most taxing of environments and conditions. Since joining forces under the umbrella of ICE, the ICE team made sure ICE’s presence is felt through ongoing projects and the support of our warranty & maintenance programs.  One of ICE team’s highest impact was introducing the wavezone fiberglass grating system with washout warranty to the offshore oil and gas market in the Gulf of Mexico over 30 years ago.  This was a game changing development in the industry.

The Middle East
Platform w FRP Windwalls

The ICE team has deep roots within both the offshore and onshore markets throughout the Middle East. Working hand-in-hand with clients such as Saudi Aramco, NPCC, McDermott, and ADNOC has allowed  the ICE team to gain a substantial foothold in the Middle East market.  ICE created alliances with global partners to provide the best products and services to our clients in the Middle East, specializing in the composites and non-metallic products.  ICE has been instrumental in securing substantial supply contracts for composites for important mega projects such as the Riyadh Metro and the 80-meter-wide, 11 km long, flood mitigation channel in Jizan, Saudi Arabia.  The ICE team was also instrumental in the supply of fiberglass grating for the offshore market in different parts of the Middle East including the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Southeast Asia, China and India
El Paso Falcon Mudmats-Cropped

The Asian market has proven to be fast-growing and dynamic in nature. ICE has contributed greatly to this flourishing region through the supply of our FRP solutions to the oil and gas industry. As the markets in China, Thailand, and Vietnam continue to evolve, ICE pledges to continue to do so with them.  ICE has developed excellent partnerships with manufacturers in the region to further extend its reach in the market, and combine the team’s years of experience in engineering and business development, with the manufacturing capabilities of our partners to penetrate new markets and increase the product offerings to existing ICE customers.

FRP-Structure 010

West Africa is a significant market where the ICE Team had tremendous successes over the years.  ICE decided to continue to pursue upcoming developments in West Africa in sectors such as oil & gas, mining, agriculture, and water treatment. The ICE Team’s relationships within this region have provided us the opportunity to contribute to the success of dozens of projects in the region.  We see substantial growth opportunity for ICE in West Africa and expect the region to be our conduit to central and southern regions of the continent.  Of course, ICE has its eyes on servicing Africa as a continent, including North Africa (which we also consider one of our significant and important target markets being also part of the Middle East).