Project Management

ICE employs a seasoned team of in-house project managers who are passionate about delivering results, delivering them on time, and delivering them in a friendly and professional manner. Our project managers are always available to help valued clients with estimates, technical support/data, and detailed status updates. Our project managers work around the clock with our engineering, drafting and fabrication departments to consistently deliver results that exceed our customer’s expectations. Customer satisfaction is our primary goal at ICE, and our project managers promise to ensure that.

Structural Engineering & Design

Backed by over 50 years of combined experience, the engineering and drafting capabilities offered by ICE are unmatched in the structural fiberglass industry. By utilizing a custom-made, 3-dimensional, structural FEA computer design program, incorporating the industry-accepted fiberglass allowable stress design formulas, ICE’s engineering team is capable of conducting a 3-D analysis of any fiberglass, steel, or concrete structure. This program allows ICE to perform stress and deflection calculations, plots of deflections, forces, stresses, reactions, etc., as well as the ability to resize over-stressed fiberglass members. ICE is easily capable of producing the most efficient and ideal structural designs for all of its systems. Our in-house team of engineers and designers, utilizing both 2-D and 3-D applications in conjunction with our bespoke design program, provide outstanding knowledge of fiberglass products and are able to provide unique solutions to our customers every needs.

Fabrication & Installation

ICE provides fabrication and installation services through a team of seasoned fabrication professionals and installation technicians. Our fabricators have been equipped with a 6,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility that provides them with the resources to develop high-quality products and solutions.

Our veteran team of fabricators and installation technicians abide by all of ICE’s core values, safety initiatives, as well as all pertinent OSHA standards in order to establish a safe, productive, and efficient working environment.